What is HP49?
HP49 is a programable graphic calculator made by Hewlett Packard in China. It supports programing languages and has hundreds of built in functions. HP49 can comunicate to a computer and also with other calculators via cable. It is able to solve math numeric and symbolic functons, show animations, display plots and run games.

HP49 is the successor of HP48G/GX.
Many new features was included in HP49, if we take HP48 as refference. We can say the main features are Flash Rom, Algebraic & RPN Mode, new hardware design, faster processing and more memory.
One of the features of HP49 is Flash ROM, that permits the user be updated with newest ROM releases without need replace hardwere.
We cant forget to say that HP hired the best HP48 programers to take part of HP49 development team. This means the calculator was made by real users of HP48 and their experience was fundamental to make HP49 a calculator closest to the owner needs.

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General Questions

1 - For what reason HP49 has no a version of the operating system in Portuguese?
Probably because there is not interest of made an operating system in Portuguese

2 - What is the WS2_32.DLL?
It is a data logic library, needed to runs EMU49. WS2_32.DLL must be installed in

3 - Does it worth upgrade my HP48G/GX for an HP49G?
HP49 is faster and more efficient than HP48 G series calculators.
Many functions are similar to the ones of HP48 and many others was implemented,
like symbolic matrixes and new features in 3D plots.
However, many HP48 users will not like to leave their old HP48 calculator.
It is believed that greatest part of HP48 users will buy a new HP49 without stop using HP48.

4 - What is VGER?
HP calculators have codenames, usually used during the development.
HP48SX codename is Charlemagne, Alcuin is the HP48G codename and VGER is the HP49 condename. The name VGER comes from the Star Trek first long shot, that was produced in the later 70's.
VGER or V'GER is the contraction of the word "Voyager".
Tells the motion picture that the space probe Voyager VI, built by NASA, in the later 20th century, had fallen into a black hole and emerged on the other side of the Galaxy, near a planet of living machines.
The inhabitants of the machine planet found Voyager VI and gave it the ability to carry out what they believed to be Voyager's mission: to collect data and learn all that is learnable, and to return that knowledge to its creator. When returned to Earth Vger joined with Will Decker and Ilia, beginning a new kind of being.

HP development teams give names to calculator during the development stage.
The codename given to HP49 was VGER, and it is the name that appears in the HP49 Easter Egg. Maybe because members of HP49 development
team are Star Trek fans.
Screen Shot of HP49 showing
keyboard simulator during
the development.

In Real Life...

In real life Nasa Voyager Project sent to space two space probes,Voyager I and Voyager II.
Never was launched a Voyager VI. Voyager I was launched on September 5, 1977 and Voyager II was launched on August 20, 1977 both from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
As originally designed, the Voyagers were to conduct closeup studies of Jupiter and Saturn,
Saturn's rings, and the larger moons of the two planets.
Voyager I flown over Jupiter in 1979 and over Saturn in 1980 and 1981.
Voyager II also flown over Uranus in 1986 and Neptune in 1989.
Both probes will continue send information to Earth even after left the Solar System limits.

5-What is EDSEL?

Edsel was a car launched, in 1958, by Ford, in the USA.
It was considered very beutifull but had many failures.
Unfortunately for Ford, not enough car buyers fell in love with the Edsel
and it stopped of being manufactured after just three model years.
The name Edsel is not a codename of HP49.

The Edsel

6-Can HP49 bugs be fixed?
Yes, HP49 ROM bugs can be fixed.
HP49 uses FlashROM and this feature permits fix bugs without changes in hardware. HP Company launches new versions of FlashROM frequently and at every new version launched the previous FlashROM version bugs are fixed.
There is not reason for panic. Beta vesion of FlashROM are available in many sites.
This permits many people and also "beta tester" people arround the worl use it and test and check if there are a bug in the ROM.
Usually bugs are repported in comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup. This permits the developers to be informed about ROM bugs and fix them quickly.

7-Why HP49G has no IR Ports?
Note: this is not an official answer from HP Company.
Infrared ports or IR, was available in HP48G series but are not available in HP49.
It is supposed that there are 7 main reasons for not to make a calculator with IR:

1 - IR becomes the calculator more expensive
2 - IR demands more time during the assembly service
3 - IR was not included in order to give space to FlashROM
4 - many schools do not permit IR calculators in tests alleging IR transfers can be used to cheat in tests.
5 - Casio and TI do not have calculators with IR ports, so there are no concurrents to worry about.
6 - a cable can transfer faster than IR.
7 - IR transfers demand many energy from batteries.

8-Does HP48 programs work in HP49?
Yes and no.
HP48 programs made in USER RPL, i.e. the ones you make using
HP48 keyboard are supported by HP49.
Programs made for HP48 in SYS RPL or ML can work or not in HP49
because many entryes of HP49 are differnt of the ones used by HP48.
In many times it is needed to test the HP48 program in HP49 to be sure if it works.

9-Does the HP48 cable works in HP49?
The HP48 connection has 4 pins and the connector for HP49
has 10 pins. If you wish to use the same cable you need
an adaptor. The original cable, made by HP Company
comes with this adaptor permitting to be used in HP48, HP49 and also for HP38G.
HP49 comes with a cable that permits connect an HP49 to other HP49
and also connect an HP48 to an HP49.

10-Is there an HP49 emulator for 800 x 600 resolution?
Sébastien Tournier made an Emu48 KML script and graphic based
on a high quality scan from the HP49G but modified to make
it wider and shorter for 800x600 resolution (original text from HPCALC.ORG).

11-Where can I find HP49 and HP48 manuals?
HP49 manuals are available for download in the Internet.
The HP49 manuals in Spanish, French, Italian and German language
are available in the HP Calculators Site

For HP48 manulas you can contact HP in your country and ask for manuals.
The telephone of HP support can be found at HP.COM Page.

The HP48 manual in PDF format is available for download at http://www.hpcalc.org/hp48/docs/misc/.
File is huge, 16395KB.

12-Where can I find HP calculators for sale?
HP Company has a shopping page on line, but it is intended only for US shoppers.
http://hpshopping.com Also HPCALC sells calculators.
Please see

Picture of Xpander
  13-What is Xpander?
Xpander is a friendly, engaging, personal handheld learning partner for high school teachers and students. It has fewer keys, a larger screen and easy stylus input for seamless learning anywhere, anytime. Xpander comes ready with exploratory math learning software and e-lessons to help students learn by doing, not by rote.
And its flexible expansion card slot and PC connectivity open the door to multi-subject learning, communication, memory expansion and many other exciting future possibilities. All this -- in a package that fits into the palm of your hand (6.4" x 3.5" x 0.9") and runs on two rechargeable AA batteries.

The LCD supports grayscale. Colors of the abacus in the picture are just for illustration.

14-My HP49 shows a message, Invalid Card Data. What can I do?
Type PINIT and restrat the calculator.
It should solve the problem and make it works properly.

15-What is the best way to I choose a calculator
that best meet my needs?

The best way indeed, is to test the emulator of calculator you need buy.
You can download emulators from Area48 ProgLib

You can also take a look at a comparison table between calculators at

Questions about Flash Rom

1 - What is Flash ROM?
Flash ROM is a kind of recordable memory, similar to EPROM.
Flash ROM is not loose when the machine is turned off.
It can, however, be deleted and reinstalled allowing upgrades for new ROM versions.

2 - How many times can Flash ROM be recorded?
HP49 Flash ROM has warranty to be recorded 1,000,000 times.

3 - Can new programs be included in Flash ROM?
Yes, and some programs was already included.

4 - What is the last Flash ROM version?
Latest Official ROM versions and release date
are available at HP49 ROM Updates

5 - What are the improvments and fixes made in the HP49 Flash ROM versions?
You can see a complete explanation at
HP49 ROM Updates

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