HP49 Quiz
HP49 Quiz
What do we know about HP49?

HP49, one of the most powerful calculators made by the human being.
A calculator to come substitute HP48 G series was subject of many discussion in HP calculators comunity, both by email and newsgroups.
Years awaiting , but finnaly, a new calculator, HP49, come out in may 1999.

HP49 is source of help, as well in school as in professional work.
But what we know about the hundred of commands it has buitl in?
What do we know about HP49?

Here there is a simple test, we can say, in other words, it is a simple game for fun, but I am sure it will help us to know a little more about HP49G.

Lets play the game...
HP49G Calculator

The HP49 Quiz:
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1) HP49 is made:
2) ACO is locaterd:
3)The members of ACO:
4) About Flash ROM is correct to say
5) HP49 Codename is :
6) HP49 news are usualy posted at:
7) List all commands
8) RAM card used in HP49:
9) About HP48 programs, HP49...
10) HP49 entries

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