HP49 - Voice Explanation
HP49 - Voice Explanation
HP49 Voice Explanation
This voice explanatiopn about HP49 is made by a Voice Sintethizer.
It looks like a voice of a robot, but it is understandable.

What is HP49?
HP49 is a programable graphic calculator made by Hewlett Packard® in Singapore*. It supports programing languages and has hundreds of built in functions. HP49 can comunicate to a computer and also with other calculators via cable. It is able to solve math numeric and symbolic functions, show animations, display plots and run games.

HP49 is the successor of HP48G.
Many new features was included in HP49, if we take HP48 as refference. We can say the main features are Flash Rom, Algebraic & RPN Mode, new hardware design, faster processing and more memory.
One of the features of HP49 is Flash ROM, that permits the user be updated with newest ROM releases without need replace hardwere.
We cant forget to say that HP hired the best HP48 programers to take part of HP49 development team. This means the calculator was made by real users of HP48 and their experience was fundamental to make HP49 a calculator closest to the owner needs.

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* Nowadays they are made in China