Lista de Abreviaturas
Lista de Abreviaturas
Esta lista tem por objetivo auxiliar oentendimento de abreviaturas e acrônimos
encontradas em sites de calculadoras HP48/49, manuais, newsgroups e na Internet.

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Lista de Abreviaturas
@ - at
- desvio padrão, para amostra
- desvio padrão, para população
- infinito
AC/DC - alternating current/direct current
ACO - Australia Calculator Operation
ACOS - arco coseno
ASIN - arco sino
ATAN - arco tangente
acme - make me
ACT - American College Test
ANS - answer
AM - amplitude modulada
AM/PM - ant meridien/post meridien
AFAIK - as far as I know
AG - Alonzo Gariepy; inventor de um mnemônioco para Assembly
ALG - Algebraic Mode, na HP49G
AP - Advanced Placement (teste nos EUA)
AKA - as known as
AUR - Advanced Users Reference manual
ACT - American College Testing Program
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Exchange
Batt - battery
BBS - Board Bulletin System
Bcc - blink courtesy copy
Bit - binary digit
Bint - Binary Integer
Bios - basic input/output system
Bps - bits per second
Brb - I will be right back
(c) - copyright
Calc - calculator
CAD - computer-aided design
CAS - Computer Algebra Systems
CAT Key - Catalog Key
Cc - courtesy copy
CD - compact disk
CGI - common getway interface
CMPLX - complex
C.O.D - cash on delivery
COM - communication port
.com - commercial domain
Co. - company
Comp.sys.hp48 - nome do principal newsgroup grupo da HP48/49
CRC - Cyclic redundancy check
CRT - cathode-rays tube
CU - see you
CU See me - see you, see me
DB9 - data bus; conector de 9 pinos
dd/mm/yy - formato d data day/month/year
D.C. - District of Columbia
DC - direct current; direct conection
DEF - Define
DIL - Dual in line
DIN - Deutsche Industrie Norm (Norma Industrial Alemã)
DIP - dual in line package (usado para designar ceto tipo de circuito integrado)
DOS - Disk operating system
DPI - dots per inch
DS - double sided
DVD - digital video disk
DM - Deutch Marks (Marco Alemão)
DNS - domain name system
DNB- Do not Disturb (usado no ICQ)
DCE - data communications equipment
DTMF - dual tone mean frequency
Etc - et cetera; etcetera
Eprom - erasable programable ROM
Email - electronic mail
E.E. - Eletrical Engeneering
e.g. - exempli gratia; for example
Eng. - engineering, engeneer
Engr - engineering
EQW - Equation Writer
Ex - example
EXP - exponetial
FCC - Federal Comunications Comission
EQ LIB - Equation Library
FAQ - Frequently Asking Questions
FAX - fac-simile
FM - fraction mark ,frequency Modulation
FNT1 - font type 1
FNT2 - font type 2
FROM - Flash ROM
FTP - file transfer protocol
FYI - for your information
FV - future value
G - Stands for graphic
GB - Gigabyte
GCF - greatest common factors
GCSVWR - Geocities SiliconValley Web Ring
GD - Goodies Disk
GUI - Graphic User Interface
GNU - GNU's not Unix; nome próprio de um progrma que roda no UNIX
GPL - Gnu Public License
GMT - Greenwitch Mean Time
HD - hard disk
HP - Hewlett Packard Company
HP48 - a própria HP48 G/GX ou HP48S/SX
HP48-L - e-mail list da Majordomo de usuários da HP48/49
HP48s - HP48, series S e G
HPCC - HP Calculators Club
HPGL - HP Graphics Language
hpfb - HP48 for beginners! - home page
HTML - Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP - Hypertext transfer protocol
HWG - HTML Writers Guild
Hz - Hertz
IMHO - in my humble opinion
In - inches
I/O - input/output
IR - infrared
IRC - internet relay chat
IRAM - Internal RAM
IROM - Internal ROM
Info - information
IC- integrated circuit
i.e. - id est; isto é
IP - Internet Protocol
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
J - joule
K - kilo; em geral refere-se a kilobytes. ex. 32k RAM
Kb - kilobit(s)
KB - kilobyte(s)
KBD - keyboard
KML - Keyboard Mapping Language
L.A. - Los Angeles
LAX - Los Angeles
LCD - liquid christal display
LIB - library
LISP - list processing
LN - natural logarithim
Math - mathematics
MB - Megabyte
Min - minuto; minimo
MK - MetaKernel
ML - machine language
MTRW - Matrix Writer
mm/dd/yy - formato de data tipo month/day/year
MSIE - Microsoft Internet Explorer
NMSQT - National Merit Scholar Qualifying Test
MF - Media Formated
NCSA - National Center for Supercomputing Aplication
NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NOK - not OK
N.SLV - Numeric Solve
NXT - Next
OK - all right
O. Pream. - Ordinis Premonstratensium
PC - Personal Computer
PCT - program comprehension tool
PDA - Personal Digital Assistant
PDL - program development tool
piLIST - means πLIST
PIM - Personal information manager
PM - private message (in a chat)
PREV - Previous
PSAT- Pre-SAT (see also SAT)
PS - Post Scriptum; after writen
PSDEV - population standard deviation
Psi - pounds per square inches
PST - Pacific Standard Time
PV - principal value
RAM - Random Access Memory
RCL - Racall
RE - Reply; usado na frente de um e-mail re-enviado
REV - revision; ex.: revision J
REV. - reverend
RLL - run lenght limited
ROM - Read Only Memory
RPL - Reverse Polish Lisp
Rpm - rotations per minut
RPN - Reverse polish Notation
SAT - Student Aptitude Test
SDEV - sample standard deviation
SigmaDAT - means ∑DAT
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SRPL - system RPL
S.SLV - Symbolic Solve
Sys - system
24h - 24 hours format
2D - two dimensions
3D - three dimensions
2HD - double HD
TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TDS - Tripod Data System
T/f - true/false
TI - Texas Instruments
TM - trade mark
TTYL- talk to you later
UFL - universal font library
URL - Uniform Resource Locator
USA- United States of America
USD - united states dollar
URPL - user RPL
UTC - Universal Time Coordinate (ou Universal Coordinated Time)
UVIC - University of Victoria (Canada)
V - volt
VDD - virtual display device
v.g. - verbi gratia; for example
WWW - world wide web
W3C - world wide web consortium
WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get
X - stands for expandable
Y2K - year 2000
Zip file - compressed ZIP file

Abreviaturas de Data e Hora:

CDT - Central Daylight Time
CST - Central Standard Time
DST - Daylight Saving Time
EDT - Eastern Daylight Time
EST - Eastern Standard Time
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
MDT - Mountain Daylight Time
MST - Mountain Standard Time
PDT - Pacific Daylight Time
PST - Pacific Standard Time
UTC - Universal Time Coordinate