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1. Commands:

exp - e^x
ln - natural logarithm
sqrt -square root
x2 - square of x
/- division
*- multiplication
- - subtraction
+ adition
.fraction mark
+--it changes the sign of the number
1/x-inverse of a number
cos- cosine of a number (radians)
sin- sine of a number (radians)
tan- tangent of a number
( )- parentesis. Ex:2+(4-7)
pi- 3.14159265...
acos- arc cosine of a number (radians)
asin- arc sine of a number (radians)
atan- arc tangent of a number (radians)
x3- X at the third power
Rnd- random number
cosh- hyperbolic cosine of a number (radians)
sinh- hyperbolic sine of a number (radians)
tanh- hyperbolic tangent of a number (radians)
cbrt- cubic root
log -decimal logarithm of a number
10x- antilogarithm of a number
D->R- degree to radians
R->D- radians to degree
X^Y - X in the Y power
A- area of a circle, given radius
V - volume of a sphere, given radius
C/CE- clear/clean error
<-- (back space) when pressed delete last digit
Enter- press to solve

2. Problems:

1-If when you reload doesn't appear keybord
click on your browser location and press ENTER
in your computer keyboard.

2-Functions asin and acos work for limited numbers
i.e: -1 < X < +1 for asin.

3-Functions sin, cos and tan work in radians only.

4-Cubic Root (cbrt) returns negative and positive results.

5-Many numbers can appear with garbage in the last digits
sin(pi)= 0.00000000000000012246063538223773
instead of 0 (zero).
1.4*1.4=1.9599999999999997 instead of 1.96.


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