The Site
This page is an independent production.
It is a personal page 100% independent of  HP Company.
It reflects my esteem and love for HP48 and HP49 calculators.

All opinions and citations in this page not at all intend to be offensive.
If there are wrongs or offensive things, it is only due to ingenuity or inexperience.
Never fraud or bad faith.

No stuff presented in AREA48.com, no programs and codes,
no informations or any kind of data are covered by warranty.
You need run your own risk if you intend to use stuff here presented
for any purpose. I dont give any kind of warranty.

Use Allowed and Not Allowed
You can use all stuff of AREA48.com, made by me, Carlos, for educational purpose.
You can use it in classes, books and sites, since you cite AREA48.com as refference.
You are not allowed to use any stuff of this page for commercial purpose,
or to make profit with it.
Many stuff presnted in this site comes from thirdy part authors
If you intend to use stuff of other author that not me, Carlos, you must contact the author
of the sutff and ask permission to him.
If you are author of any stuff published in this site
and feel your rights violated, contact me and I will remove the stuff from the page.

Domain Name
The domain name AREA48.COM is reserved.
You are not allowed make copies of the site and publish it in the Internet.

The author of the site reserves the right of make changes in the site when he wish.


Carlos Alberto Marangon
January 3rd, 2004

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