Recent FAQs
Recent FAQs

Area48 Frequently Asking Questions - Recent (jan, 10th 2004)

  1. What happende to HP?

  2. It has joinded Compac.

  3. What happend to HP CLUB DO BRASIL?

  4. It had experienced some problems some years ago, but nowadays it is up and running.

  5. What happened to ACO?

  6. It was closed. Read more here

  7. Why Area48 is no longer being updated frequently?

  8. Because I am working and no longer have much time to spent with the site.
    In 2004 it started again being updated frequently. All site was reviwed and also translated to Portuguese.

  9. Will you keep the site working?

  10. Yes, I will keep Area48 on line untill I can keep it.

  11. What is Area48 Light?

  12. Area48 Light is Area48 working with the minimum files.
    It was needed keep site working with the minimum of files in order to avoid financial damage to me.
    Postcard, download files, many on line games and Classifieds was removed.
    So I dont need pay for excess of traffic and dont need spent much money with the site.
    Now the site is about 10 MB size and if I need I can move it to everywhere, even in a free server.

  13. Why Area48 does not have a Portuguese version?

  14. It has a version in Portuguese. Access it at clickin in the Brazilian Flag, at the top. It remained for more than 5 years without a Portuguese version, but many people asked for a Portuguese version, for brazilian users. I also hope that due of the similarity between Portuguese and Spanish, many people of Spanihs Language can visit and understand the Portuguese version of the site.

    It remained several years only in English because when former HPFB ( or was crated, in 1996, there was not a brazilian comunity for HP48. When this comunity appeared, in 1998, site was very large to be translated. So I decided to keep Area48 as an international site, in despite of many people ask me for a Portuguese version. Today a portuguese version of the site is already available.