Why I believe in Jesus
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Many changes has happened in my life since the day I met Jesus.
My life was an errant life, from false religion to superstition.
I navigated through false dreams and superstition believing in horoscope
and other false sciences.
Believing in obsolete things and superstitions I was an unhappy man.

A day my sister was invited to a spiritual retreat. My sister didn't go.
I went in her place.
In that retreat I known the power of Eucharistical Christ ( The Lord's Supper)
and the blessing of the Jesus' Sacred Hearth.

Some time after I went into false religion but the
power of the Jesus' Sacred Hearth make me free of it.

Jesus brings me back to the Catholic Church, to the Charismatic Renewal
and many wonderfull things have happened in my life.

I was save by the power of the Eucharistical Christ.
It's for He I believe in Jesus. Its for He I am Roman Catholic.

Carlos Alberto Marangon - dec 1997

He that loveth not, knoweth not God; for God is love
- I John 4,8