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Thank You Mom For Your Faight

In 1963 a youg woman was in the way to have a baby.
She went happy to the hospital praying to Our Lady and Jesus.
During the medical work, the medician realease taht the baby was inverted.
A baby needs to have the head pointed to born first, but this one was
with the feet to born first.

Doctor didn't try a cesarian and a terrible thing happens.
The baby death during the childbirth and it was removed slowly,
and in parts, a leg, an arm and and so on.

It doesn't survive, of course, but it was baptized "Josť", before die.
That young woman was my mother.

She knew about another woman. This other woman also
had a baby and abandoned it in the forest.
The body of the baby of the other woman was found 3 months later, by hunters.
It had died from hunger. The murders was jailed one month after.

My mother asked to the priest:
-Why God permisses my son die if I am everytime in church and
I participate actively and I pray everyday the Rosary and give a beautifull
baby to that woman that kill her own son abandoning it in the forest?!

-God is making this because He loves you.

Indeed, God proof our faith. And this was the hardest proof I already have seen.

The feight and prayers of my mother don't gone with the wind.
I was born one year after in 1964 and she have more two doughters, after me.
Today she is grandmother of my nice Lili, that was born in 1988.

Thank you mom, thank you for you faith.

Carlos Alberto

Look, I make all things new
- Revelation 21,5