I, Jesus and HP48
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When I bought my second HP 48 I had consagrated it to Jesus.
And HP48 gave many fruits, I learned HTML, English , Javascript, Flash
and some other programming languages.
Today I know Internet and have made many friends, in many countries, HP48 users and others. It is this wonderfull calculator that helped me during my tests
at college and gave me power to go on. It was (and still is) a blessing of God to me.

Today I can also use HP48 when I go arround and read biblical texts.
It's possible put entire biblical texts, like John I, into HP48.

Using the overhead display it is also possible make many shows to people
in the church showing psalms, gospels, lyrics of songs and so on.

I usually put into it biblical texts.
It is a wonderfull solution read biblical texts in HP48
when it is hard to have the Bible together.

Why not?
If HP48 can help us in Calculus and Phisics why not to use HP48
to anounce the good newness of Our Lord Jesus Christ?
Why not colaborate with that words that he said...

"And other fell in good ground, and did yeld fruit that sprang up
and increased;and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty and
some an hundred."
Mark 4,8

See My own programs for a biblical texts for HP48.

Thank you HP48, thank you Jesus!

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God
- John 1,1