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Inertia is a program that calculates XG,YG,IG and area of 18 plain bodies.
It calculates XG,YG,IG and area of the Circular Sector, Quarter of Circle,
Circular Cup, Square, Circular Ring, Circle,Triangle, Ellipsis, Lozangue,
Rectangle with Hole, Parallelogram, Square with Hole, Plygon of n sides,
Half Circle, Half Ellipsis Half Circle Upsidown and Double T

Screenshot of INERTIA

Installing INERTIA
1- transfer the program to the HP48
2- press the softkey for INERTIA, in the menu
3- type 0 STO
4- turn off the calculator
5- turn on the calculator
6- press RIGHT SHIFT and LIBRARY and INER to access the program