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JUN 15, 2004
Created www.area48.com.br - Area48 Brazilian Domain.

DEC 27, 2003
Created Area48 - Portuguese version.

DEC 10, 2003
New page of Area48 Forum Installed.

Sep 10, 2003
Created page about HP49 G Plus.

Jul 12, 2003
Revised English sintax of HP48 Faqs.

May 28th, 2003
Site was revised and updted. Fixed some CGI bugs.

Oct 2002
Site was checked, as usualy, today oct, 24. Included a counter that shows the number of users on line.

Sep 2002
Fixed bug in HP49 Voice, now it runs with Windows Media Audio.

Jul 2002
Created Area48 Light. Site was optimized to work fast and generate less traffic.
Unfortunately all files for download, Classifieds and Postcards was removed.
Site was successfuly moved to another server.

May 20, 2002
Updated some server features. Increased disk space to 400MB (140 MB used)

April 17, 2002
Reduced size of pics in main page, to avoid excess of traffic.
Some weeks ago, when HPCALC was down , many people come to look for files for download in Area48 and our traffic and number of visitors grown a lot. Fortunately HPCALC is up and running again and Area48 traffic returned to normal levels, about 4 GB/mo.

April 1st 2002
Added Area48 Classifieds link to main page.

March 2002
Mar 23 : Two new poll created. Click here to vote

March 2002
Mar 1-15 : Change some configurations in the server.

Jan 2002
Jan 1st : Many bugs fixed. Area48 will continue during this year.

Dec 2001
Dec 22 : Added Recent Faqs

Oct 2001
Oct 21st : Added HP49 ROM 1.19-6.

Sep 2001
Sep 27 : Created Tribute to WTC Page.

Aug 2001
Aug 4th: Created More Two Polls.

Jul 2001
Jul 14: Created New Kind of Poll page.

Jun 2001
Jun 9: Created Area48 Classifieds page.
Jun 4: Created Music PostCards page.

May 2001
May 27: Updated Wherte I live page.
May 10: Area48.com is now hosted at Dialtone
May 5: created page to help make a cable for HP49
May 3: created page to help Post Articles at cop.sys.hp48
May 1st : Created page about how to post at comp.sys.hp48
May 1st: Anounced at newsgroups and lists the voice page for HP49 Explanation

April 2001
Apr 29 : created voice page for HP49 Explanation
Apr 28 : created new poll
Apr 23 : Included information about how to upgrade HP49 ROM
as well the HP49 ROM fixes and improvmentes at HP49 ROM Updates.

Apr 01-20 : I am answring emails as usual.
Site is experiencing problems due of some problems at the server.
Created a mirror at http://area48central.tripod.com. You can access it if Area48 is down.

March 2001
Mar 15-20 : Area48 has moved successfuly to another server. Site is working with some broken links.

February 2001
Feb 04-28: My server will limit the traffic to 2 GB/month, but Area48 has a traffic of about 4.3 GB/month.
I am moving Area48 to another server. Site can be down some hours.

Feb 01 - Added new Poll at Area48 Polls

January 2001
Jan 01: Carlos Marangon finished his studies, is now a Civil Engineer,
and can now answer emails and questions again.

December 2000
Dec 21: Included HP48 ROMS at HP 49 ROMs Page

November 2000
Nov 09: Created new Poll 2 and updated previous poll results

October 2000
Oct 21: Created new Poll 1 and updated previous poll results

September 2000
Sep 23: Created On Line Games (OLG) a page with on line games in Java,
including crosswords and other topics aboput HP48/49.

August 2000
Aug 05: Created Page of Games complying with a request of our visitors.

July 2000
July 20: Fixed bugs at Inertia and created new directory for it.
July 09: Fixed bugs at Integral Help Doc and included a system of menus for best navigation.
July 09: catened Syntax/help/interactive in only one file
July 09: reorganized many parts of the site

July 01: I began today a reviw of the site

June 2000
June 10: created HP49 ROM Updates page.
June 04: new POLL topics.

May 2000
May 20: updated HP49 FAQS with a search in page resourse
May 10: created Area48 Postcard with more than 100 pictures, even 10 pictures of HP calculators

April 2000
April 01-30: installed several CGI resourses in the site and fixed many bugs as well

March 2000
March 01-20: created ASK AREA48

November 19: Fixed POLL bugs.
November 14: Added World News page.
November 12: Created Area48 Free Email Service.
November 12: Added new features at 49howto
November 08: Created ASK Area48 with 9 consultants

October 20: CreatedAREA48 FTP.
October 14: Created AREA48 POLL .

September 19: Created AREA48 CHAT .

September 02: Created AREA48.com.
AREA48 - HP48/49 for beginners! is the new name of HP48 for beginners! Home Page

August 10: fixed broken links at Search HP48

July 18: Included a New and Efficient Search Help

Jun 03: Included a Chronogram of HP48 Series calculators at History

May 29: Included picture of HP49G

April 20: Fixed bugs at JAVA Page

March- 1999
Mar 06: Created HP48 for beginners! mirror at Xoom

Feb 1-20: Updated and fixed broken links at HELP and INTERACTIVE

January- 1999
Jan 20: Included My Own Programs with tutorials, Inertia, Interpolation, Bible.
Jan 20: Included Integral Help Doc
Jan 20: Included LIB Tutorial
Jan 20: Included Inertia .
This lib calculate XG, YG, IG and area of 18 plain bodies. For HP48 and in JavaScript.
Jan 18: Translated HPEDIA to Portuguese
Jan 01: New pics in Photo Gallery . Even a high resolution and big photo of the HP48 PCBOARD

December- 1998
Dec 19: New page for TIPS . The JavaScript errors was banned!

November - 1998
Nov 25: Included TIPS. Twenty tips about HP48 with a cool Javascript effect.
Nov 15: New features in Area48 . A Random pic is showed according to the day of the week
Nov 02: Site Map Links Fixed
Nov 02: added new pic of Infrared Printer at Photo Gallery
Nov 02: New Words included in the Search in This Page

October - 1998
Oct 25: Power Supply for HP48 included
Oct 11: New effects on Java included
Oct 11: Updated The Author and included a map of Italy, land of my ancestors
Oct 07: Included photo of HP48 G+ in Photo Gallery

September - 1998
Sep 18: New Earth pic on Main Page
Sep 18: Updated Software page, more links and link to Mirror Tucows
Sep 18: Link to HPedia the HP48 Encyclopedia by Eric Rechlin and Carlos Marangon
Sep 22: Photo Gallery adapted to work best with MSIE4
Sep 30: New page for Goodies Disks