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Flag Country Capital Currency Language Population (1990) Area (km2) Political Organiz. HP48 Pages

Argentina Buenos Aires Peso Spanish 31,029,000 2.766,889 Republic P
Australia Camberra Australian Dollar English 15,974,000 7,682,300 Independent State
Austria Vienna Euro German 7,571,000 83,555 Republic P
Belgium Brussels Belgium Franc Franch, Dutch and German 9,913,000 30,520 Monarchy P
Brazil Brasilia Real Portugese 150,367.000 8,511,965 Federative Republic P O
Canada Ottawa Canadian Dollar English/French 25,612,000 9,922,385 Federed State
Chile Santiago Peso Spanish 12,466,000 751,625 Republic O
Colombia Bogota Peso Chilen Spanish 29,188,000 1,138,915 Republic P
England London Pound English 56,618,000 244,755 Monarchy
Finland Elsink Mark Finlandish Finlandish and French 4,929,000 337,030 Republic P C
France Paris Franc Franch 55,392,000 543,965 Republic P O C F
Germany Berlin Euro German 76,200,00 356,840 Federal Republic P O C I
Holland Amsterdan Euro Dutch 14,562,000 33,940 Monarchy P
Italy Rome Euro Italian 57,221,000 301,245 Republic P O
Japan Tokyo Yen Japanese 121,492,000 369,700 Imperial Monarchy P
Mexico Mexico city Peso Spanish 81,163,000 1,972,545 Federative Republic P
New Zealand Wellington Neozeland Dollar English 3,307,000 265.150 Independent State
Norway Oslo Crown Norwegian Norwegian 4,169,000 323,895 Monarchy C
Peru Lima Inti Spanish 20,207,000 1,285,215 Republic O
Portugal Lisbon Euro Portuguese 10,291,00 91,630 Republic P F
Romenia Bucarest Leu Romenian 23,174,000 237,500 Republic P
Singapore Singapore Singapore Dollar Malay,English and Chinese 2,600,000 616 Republic (Commonwealth) C
Spain Madrid Euro Spanish 38,853,000 504,880 Monarchy P C N
South Africa Pretoria / Cape Town Rand English and Africander 33,221,00 1,189,825 Republic P
Sweden Stokholm Swedish,Finlandish and German Crown Swedish 8,370,000 449,790 Monarchy P
Swiss Berna German, French and Italian Euro 6,504,000 41,285 Federative Republic P
United States Washington Dollar English 238,740,000 9,363,130 Federative Republic P C O