Some Questions and Answers
About HP49G Plus


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  1. What is HP49G Plus?
    A calculator from HP, launched in september 2003.

  2. What is HP48G II and what is HP48GII series?
    HP48G II is a new calculator. HP48GII series is a new series of HP calculators that will
    continue the HP48G series.


  3. What new features has HP49G plus?
    Electrical Features
    • CPU: 75Mhz ARM9
    • Display Size: 131 x 80 pixels
    • Display type: Pixel
    • Memory:
      512KB RAM
      800KB flash ROM
    • IR Port: IrDA
    • Serial port: USB
    • Expansion port: SD card
    • Power Supply: AAA x 3 + CR2032
    • Auto power OFF: approximately 5 minutes
    Material Features
    • Case: plastic
    • Keys: plastic
    • Size: 184. 0 x 87. 0 x 23. 5 mm (7.2 x 3.4 x 0.9 in)
    • Unit weight: 220 grams (7.7 ounces)


  4. Where is HP49G+ made?
    The calculator is designed in Taiwan by Kinpo Electronics, Inc. and it is manufactured in mainland China (People's Republic of China) because it is cheaper to make it there. It is clear that, like many electronic products, it has components made in several countries and is assembled in other.

  5. Where can I buy HP49 G Plus? have available for sale HP49G+ as well HP 48GII and other HP calculators and delivery them to several countries.Take a look at

    These other sites say they sell HP49G+

  6. What come in HP49G+ pack?
    • 1 HP49G+
    • 1 User manual
    • 1 USB cable
    • 1 Leather case with magnetic fastener close
    • 3 AAA Batteries
    • 1 Coin CR2032 Battery
    • 1 Information card.

  7. What does mean a serial number like CN 3 31 09217 ?
    CN - Made in China
    3 - 3rd year of the decade
    31 - 31st week of the year
    09217 - 09217th machine made that week.

    The serial number stamped on the case tells when the case was made;
    the SERIAL command returns a serial number that tells when the ROM was flashed.

  8. Is there any HP49G Plus emulator?
    These faqs was , and till this date no emulator was available.

  9. The HP49G Plus ROM is the same ROM of HP49G?
    No. There are many changes in the ROM due of the new hardware.

  10. What is SD Card?
    SD card or Scure Digital card is a kind of card to store memory.
    The SD card is 24mm wide, 32mm long and 2.1mm thick and can be transported easily.
    It is used in several electronic products, like audio players, audio recorders,
    personal computers, printers, camcodres, DVD player/recorders, palms,
    PDAs,mobile phones, calculators and others.
    Currently it is possible to find SD cards able to store 8MB, 16MB, 32MB,
    64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB of memory.
    Manufacturers say that SD card of capacity of 32 GB will be available in few years.

    HP49G+ has a slot for SD cards. This feature allows better interaction between users and exchanging programs stored in SD card as well store and run large programs in the calculator.

    SD Card