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These programs are a tutorial.
Here you find easy examples to learn programming the HP48.
You will not find here programs to solve calculus or statistics problems,

but programs to help you begin to make
your first programs using the HP48G series keyboard.

1-Do these exercises works in an HP48S?
Yes, they work.
And in HP49?
They are made in User RPN, should work in HP49.

2-What are the errors that can happen?
-Type commands in small case
-Forgot "" marks
-Forgot '' marks or EVAL
-Forgot << or >> marks
-Forgot the arrow set after OBJ
-Forgot to define a variable
-The fags are not set right

3-How to Use browser FIND or SEARCH?
Clicking on FIND or SEARCH in the top of your browser
will appear a dialog box.< Type the word you wish and the browser locate it for you&
You can use it for find commands into the text.

4-Copy SUCKS! Many times I think its best give it up.
Sure! Copy sucks but don't give it up.
I myself try many times to make some programs
This is a trying and error method.
Its best download, edit and modify the programs already
installed in the HP memory and use the text as a reference.

5-What is a little square that appear after OBJ or before TAG and into the text?
It can appear a small square after OBJ or before TAG
instead of an arrow if you don't have the appropriate
Windows source.

I just want you don't use these programs for comercial purpose
and say you make them.
You can distribute, alterate, put in your page, copy,
send by infrared, e-mail and so on if you use they to learning.
If you alterate or put they in your page please
cite or link AREA48 as refference for the original programs.