HP 49 Matrices

1-Creating a Matrix

To create a matrix,
Press [MTRW]
to access Matrix Writer

Type numbers or letters
and press [ENTER]
for each number or letter typed.

   The HP49 Matrix Writer
Alphanumerical Elements
HP49 supports symbolic elements and you can
type them directly in the Matrix Writer, like a number. You just need keep the alpha key actived.

Typing Alphanumerical Elements

2-Invert a Numerical Matrix
Lets invert the matrix:
1- Press 1/X or type
INV ( [ 2 , 3 ] [ 4 , 5 ] )
2- Press [ ENTER ]
3- it will show the inverse matrix
Remember the "," between numbers.
Here coma is used as separator, not as fraction mark.
HP49G uses "." as fraction mark, according to the
default flag.

3-Invert a Symbolc Matrix

Lets invert the matrix

1- write the matrix

2-Press [ ENTER ]

3- You will see

4- Press 1/X and [ ENTER ]
to write INV ( ANS ( 1 ) )

5-It will show

6-press [ ENTER ] to see result:

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