Equation Library

Equation Library

Equation Library can be used to solve equations show vars,etc
In this example we will use EQ LIB to solve a LINEAR MOTION formula.

1-Press EQ LIB to access

Equation Library
2-Move the browser
bar until MOTION
press [ENTER]
and go to Linear Motion

Linear Motion
3-Press [VARS] to see
the variable names

Showing Units & Vars
4-Press [EQN] to see
equations or formulas

Showing Formulas

5-Press [SOLV] in menu to
start the solver mode

Starting Solver
6-The VARS will appear

7-Type a number and
press the softkey
closest to the unit
to enter units

Entering Units
8-Press and a softkey
to see the result
for the respective VAR


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