Make a Serial Cable
and a Power Supply
Make a Serial Cable and a Power Supply
Click here to make a cable for connection HP49-PC

Note: You must run your own risk when try to do this cable.
I am not responsible for any damge or hazard in your calculator
that can happend due of bad use of these tools, inexperience
of the user or other errors.
How to find Stuff
Make a Power Supply

1 - Tools you will need

Pliers, probe, screw-driver

30 Watts welding
Simple Multitester

2 - Stuff you will need:

Connection screws, DB9 material covering and screws weld about 30 cm or 1 foot
DB9 Conector, type female, of 9 holes (DB9 female) 2 pieces Shielded wire
Better if it was 3 ways and was shielded. 1 meter ( 3 feet )
About 50 g ( 5 oz) of Epoxy

3 - The Diagram


to PC




4 - Close up of DB9 pins
Front view Back View
Getting pins to connection to HP
Use pliers and burst up DB9
Big close up of connection pin.
Extremity must be closest, not as in picture

5 - Procedure:

1 - Weld pines as indicated in the diagram.

2 - Be sure pins are correct in line, in their position.
It will not work if you swap positions.

3 - Be sure extremity of pins (see picture of big close up of pin) are with the points closest
It will have a bad contact if they are opened, as in the picture.
Contacts must be cleaned to avoid bad contact.

4 - Use epoxy to make and model the plug that will be pluged in H48.

5 - Check with multitester if all contact are working.

6 - Cable for Connection HP - HP

The cable to connect two HPs is relatively simple.
It is basicaly two parts that connect to the side of the calculator
connected one another as shown in the picture.





7 - Final notes

From now on it depends on your creativity.
Be patient and persistent. Even Thomas Alva Edison tryed about 600 times before
the first eletric lamp work!

Remember also that you must run your own risk when test the cable in your calculator.

Good Luck!

A genius is made with 1% of inspiration and 99% of transpiration.
- Tomas Alva Edison