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The HP49
How to make a connector adapter HP49-PC.
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HP48 Calculator.
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  • Area48 is an independent site dedicated to HP48/49 new users.
    Here you can find many TIPS about how to use HP48 and HP49G
  • HP48/49 ROM Updates, brings to you the lastest HP49ROM
    (Version 1.19-5) and the HP48 ROMs P and R free for download.
  • HPedia is the first and unique encyclopedia for calculators.
    It brings many features and useful definitions about calculators.
    Take a look...
Screenshot of Integrals
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HP48/49 can solve double and even
triple integrals.

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  • HP48/49 Cross Entries, by Joe Horn, full available at AREA48 Resourses..
  • HP49 is one of the best calculators of the market. Area48 presents a series of documents about HP49G to you can compare HP48 features with HP49 and other calculators.
  • Comp.sys.hp48 is the newsgroup for HP48/49 calculators.
    You can easily access, search and post in comp.sys.hp48
    using Area48 Shortcut to comp.sys.hp48 at Google.
  • At Abbreviations you find a list of acronyms and abbreviations used in the HP48/49 world as well in the the World Wide Web.
  • Make yourself a Serial Cable for HP48/49. We have a page full of illustrations to help you to make your own cable.
  • LibTutorial is a set of programs and explanations to help you install, make and purge HP48 LIBS.
  • At Syntax / Interactive you can learn how to PLOT, solve LINEAR SYSTEMS , work with MEMORY commands, solve SYMBOLIC operations and how to use SYSTEM FLAGS.
  • A lot of Exercises with hints and solutions, will help you solve equations and learn HP48 syntax.
  • At My Own Programs you will find programs for Economy, Civil Engineering and a random text from the Bible. Try it...
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